Fifth Edition
Biomedical Informatics Computer Applications in Health Care and Biomedicine
E.H. Shortliffe and J.J. Cimino, Editors
M.F. Chiang, Associate Editor

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Foreword by William W. Stead (download)

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I. Recurrent Themes in Biomedical Informatics

1. Biomedical Informatics: The Science and the Pragmatics (download)

Edward H. Shortliffe and Michael F. Chiang

2. Biomedical Data: Their Acquisition, Storage, and Use

Edward H. Shortliffe and Michael F. Chiang

3. Biomedical Decision Making: Probabilistic Clinical Reasoning

Douglas K. Owens,Jeremy Goldhaber-Fiebert, and Harold C. Sox

4. Cognitive Informatics

Vimla L. Patel and David R. Kaufman

5. Human-Computer interaction, Usability, and Workflow

Vimla L. Patel, David R. Kaufman, and Thomas Kannampallil

6. Software Engineering for Health Care and Biomedicine

Adam Wilcox, David Vawdrey, and Kensako Kawamoto

7. Standards in Biomedical Informatics

Charles Jaffe, Viet Nguyen, Wayne R. Kubick, Todd Cooper, Russel Leftwich, and W. Edward Hammond

8. Natural Language Processing for Health-Related Texts

Dina Demner-Fushman,Noémie Elhadad, and Carol Friedman

9. Bioinformatics

Sean Mooney, Jessica D. tenenbaum, and Russ B. Altman

10. Biomedical Imaging Informatics

Daniel L. Rubin, Hayit Greenspan, and Assaf Hoogi

11. Personal Health Informatics

Robert M. Cronin, Holly Jimison, and Kevin B. Johnson

12. Ethics in Biomedical and Health Informatics: Users, Standards, and Outcomes

Kenneth W. Goodman and Randolph A. Miller

13. Evaluation of Biomedical and Health Information Resources

Charles P. Friedman and Jeremy C. Wyatt

II. Biomedical Informatics Applications

14. Electronic Health Records

Genevieve B. Melton, Clement J. McDonald, Paul C. Tang, and George Hripcsak

15. Health Information Infrastructure

William A. Yasnoff

16. Management of Information in Health Care Organizations

Lynn Harold Vogel and William C. Reed

17. Patient-Centered Care Systems

, Suzanne Bakken, Patricia Dykes, Sarah Collins Rossetti, and Judy Ozbolt

18. Population and Public Health Informatics

Martin LaVenture, David A. Ross, Catherine Staes, and William A. Yasnoff

19. mHealth and Applications

Eun Kyoung Choe, Predrag Klasnja, and Wanda Pratt

20. Telemedicine and Telehealth

Michael F. Chiang, Justin Starren, and George Demiris

21. Patient Monitoring Systems

Vitaly Herasevich, Brian Pickering, Terry Clemmer, and Roger G. Mark

22. Imaging Systems in Radiology

Bradley Erickson

23. Information Retrieval

William Hersh

24. Clinical Decision-Support Systems

Mark A. Musen, Blackford Middleton, and Robert A. Greenes

25. Digital Technology in Health Science Education

Parvati Dev and Titus Schleyer

26. Translational Bioinformatics

Jessica Tenenbaum, Nigam H. Shah, and Russ B. Altman

27. Clinical Research Informatics

Philip R. O. Payne, Peter J. Embi, and James J. Cimino

28. Precision Medicine and Informatics

Joshua C. Denny, Jessica D. Tenenbaum, and Matt Might

III. Biomedical Informatics in the Years Ahead

29. Health Information Technology Policy

Robert Rudin, Paul C. Tang, and David W. Bates

30. The Future of Informatics in Biomedicine

James J. Cimino, Edward H. Shortliffe, Michael F. Chiang, David Blumenthal, Patricia Flatley Brennan, Mark Frisse, Eric Horvitz, Judy Murphy, Peter Tarczy-Hornoch, and Robert M. Wachter

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