Readings in Medical Artificial Intelligence:
The First Decade

Edited by William J. Clancey and Edward H. Shortliffe

512 pp., references, index, illus. electronic text
Addison Wesley, Reading, MA, 1984
Out of print. All chapters are freely available below.

This collection, published in July 1984, summarized the then-current state of the art in the application of artificial intelligence methods to address problems in medicine, with an emphasis on diagnosis and treatment.




Chapter 1—Introduction: Medical Artificial Intelligence Programs
William J. Clancey and Edward H. Shortliffe

Chapter 2—Computer-Assisted Clinical Decision Making
G. Anthony Gorry

Chapter 3—Knowledge Engineering for Medical Decision Making: A Review of Computer-Based Decision Aids
Edward H. Shortliffe, Bruce G. Buchanan, and Edward A. Feigenbaum

Chapter 4—Artificial Intelligence Methods and Systems for Medical Consultation
Casimir A. Kulikowski

Chapter 5—Production Rules as a Representation for a Knowledgte Based Consultation Program
Randall Davis, Bruce G. Buchanan, and Edward H. Shortliffe

Chapter 6—Towards the Simulation of Clinical Cognition: Taking a Present Illness by Computer Program
Stephen G. Pauker, G. Anthony Gorry, Jerome P. Kassirer, and William B. Schwartz

Chapter 7—A Model-Based Method for Computer-Aided Medical Decision Making
Sholom M. Weiss, Casimir A. Kulikowski, Saul Amarel, and Aran Safir

Chapter 8—INTERNIST-1, An Experimental Computer-Based Diagnostic Consultant for General Internal Medicine
Randolph A. Miller, Harry E. Pople, Jr., and Jack D. Myers

Chapter 9—Categorical and Probabilistic Reasoning in Medical Diagnosis
Peter Szolovits and Stephen G. Pauker

Chapter 10—Computer-Based Medical Decision Making: From MYCIN to VM
Lawrence M. Fagan, Edward H. Shortliffe, and Bruce G. Buchanan

Chapter 11—Intelligent Computer-Aided Instruction for Medical Diagnosis
William J. Clancey, Edward H. Shortliffe, and Bruce G. Buchanan

Chapter 12—LCS: The Role and Development of Medical Knowledge in Diagnostic Expertise
Paul J. Feltovich, Paul E. Johnson, James H. Moller, and David B. Swanson

Chapter 13—Knowledge Organization and Distribution for Medical Diagnosis
Fernando Gomez and B. Chandrasekaran

Chapter 14—Causal Understanding of Patient Illness in Medical Diagnosis
Ramesh S. Patil, Peter Szolovits, and William B. Schwartz

Chapter 15—NEOMYCIN: Reconfiguring a Rule-Based Expert System for Application to Teaching
William J. Clancey and Reed Letsinger

Chapter 16—Explaining and Justifying Expert Consulting Programs
William R. Swartout

Chapter 17—Discovery, Confirmation, and Incorporation of Causal Relationships from a Large Time-Oriented Clinical Data Base: The RX Project
Robert L. Blum

Chapter 18—A System for Empirical Experimentation with Expert Knowledge
Peter Politakis and Sholom M. Weiss

Chapter 19—PUFF: An Expert System for Interpretation of Pulmonary Function Data
Janice S. Aikins, John C. Kunz, Edward H. Shortliffe, and Robert J. Fallat

Chapter 20—Developing Microprocessor-Based Expert Models for Instrument Interpretation
Sholom M. Weiss, Casimir A. Kulikowski, and Robert S. Galen

Chapter 21—Anticipating the Second Decade
Edward H. Shortliffe and William J. Clancey


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